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Quality combining Made in Italy and Chinese taste

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Il cuore del nostro brand segue valori come positività, qualità, inclusività e creatività. Innovating for us means studying every day solutions that give new life to everyday objects with a particular attention to the world around us.

The care of nature is part of Jijide. Our candles have a low synthetic percentage, for this the scent that emanate is extremely delicate, it does not stifle the room by distortion, rather enriches the atmosphere by merging with its personality.



Our products enter your homes, offices and keep you company at any time of the day. Your trust and the important task of enriching your everyday life are respected through the care of every detail.




Environmental impact is a theme very close to our heart: we are working hard to make our products and all the materials that make them more and more sustainable. Our quality of life also depends on the well-being of our planet.

In our laboratory we make every candle by hand, pouring carefully the wax inside glasses produced and serigraphed by Italian companies.



The quality of the Made in Italy combined with the care of the Oriental detail refers to the multiculturality of our brand. Every culture is the bearer of unprecedented values and qualities that, if integrated, can give life to something new.

We hope that Jijide can also represent for you a new language, that pushes you to open up to the differences, without fearing them but accepting them as a richness.

Continue to follow usand we will lead you to discover the most suitable Jijide fragrance for you.

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