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Your ideal holiday with your Jijide Candle

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The heat of the city pushes us to think about our dream destinations. Discover which Jijide Candle to combine with your ideal holiday.

Holidays mean peace, relax and detachment from stressful daily routine. Jijide highly believes in the benefits of little escape moments.  Each detail of our products has been thought to give you serenity.  For example, our candles feature a woodwick which reproduces a sound that helps to stretch the mind.  With this article we invite you to take some minutes for yourself, by instinctively choosing your ideal vacation. To each of the different vacation proposals, we’ll suggest which of our fragrance to associate to make your travel much more pleasant. Ready to start?


Historic villages.

As soon as you get some free days, you can’t wait to wander around ancient cobbled streets. 
You love to lose yourself in secret alleys, to breath the authenticity of non-turistic places, and, why not, try the culinary specialties



Your fragrance is AURORA.
The summer edition of SETA, thought for eclectic souls, is composed by Bergamot, Neroli and Petitgrain.
The perfect company to start your day with a fresh breakfast while reading your favorite novel.






Sea, sea, sea.

The word “holiday” suddenly reminds you of a seaside destination.
After stressful months in the office, you just think about relaxing on the beach, caressed by the breeze and its salty perfume.



Your fragrance is CIPRIA
The summer edition of CREMISI, thought for passional souls, is composed by Rose, Orange and Grapefruit.
Its sweet and sensual perfume, will gladden your romantic moon-lighted evenings.





High altitude.

Nothing restores you more than a holiday spent in the mountains. 
High altitude excursions, unpolluted nature and astonishing landscapes: thanks to the clean and fresh air, you suddenly forget the city’s smog.   



Your fragrance is CORALLO.
The summer edition of GIADA, studied for enterprising souls, is composed by Orange, Geranium and Saldalwood.
After long and tiring walks, refresh yourself with a hint of citrus vitality.  




Destination: everywhere.

And here’s up to you, the eternal explorers. 
You measure your life in trips planned rather than seasons lived.
You don’t have any preferred destination and your only limit is the horizon.



Your fragrance is PERVINCA
The summer edition of OLTREMARE, dedicated to explorer souls, is composed by Lavender, Musk and Juniper Berries. 
A charming fragrance that creates the perfect atmosphere for long nights spent stargazing.  


So, here we are, at the end of this scented trip. 

Have you found which Jijide candle suits your holidays best? 
Don’t forget to tell us which is your ideal holidays through Instagram and Facebook.

Have a scented summer!

Team Jijide

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